If Australia is your next trip destination, there’s so much adventure in store just for you. The warm climate, beautiful people, and awe-inspiring scenery is all the more reason for you to pack your car’s roof rack and start on your trip.

Australia is a vast country full of unique features and sites to see. That’s why you’ll need to develop a plan for specific places to visit and make your trip worthwhile. Here are eight astounding ideas of adventures to take part in while in Australia.

  1. Go Skydiving

If you love adventure, skydiving would be worth a try. As an eager participant, the skydiving team gives you a set of instructions and protective gear to ensure that you stay safe during your adventure.

You get in a plane, which will then take off and fly at a significant altitude. Ensure that your parachute is in full working condition to avoid fatal skydiving accidents. The exciting bit is that there are skydiving schools in Australia.

These schools aim to impart the necessary knowledge and skill to those interested in becoming experts at skydiving. What’s more, you even get a license to go on a skydiving trip alone once you complete your course.

The best places for skydiving in Australia include:

  • Wollongong: It’s only an hour’s drive from Sydney and provides the perfect aerial view from where you can spot the alluring beauty of nature’s aquatic life.
  • St. Kilda Beach: It offers an unmatched view spot from where you can indulge your eyes in Melbourne’s most striking views.
  • Gold Coast: Tourists have mostly recognized it from its wild theme parks as well as sunny beaches. The unique thing about it that has probably not yet been discovered is the magnificent skydiving scenery it provides.
  • Cairns – This may be the only place where tourists can jump at altitudes of about 4,572m legally. 
  1. Camping

There are tons of great camping sites in Australia that will have you enjoy every minute of your trip. They all have a backup from Mother Nature since they have beautiful views of the sunset and sunrise.

You may have to book some of the camping spots in advance since they are in high demand. Here are some of the most popular camping sites in Australia that you must try out.

  • Coffs Harbor: Located in New Wales, Coffs Harbor has plenty to offer its visitors in terms of adventure. What makes it even more interesting is the five-hour drive. There are lots of awe-inspiring sceneries on your way there, as well as stopovers in case you need to take a break.
  • Margaret River, West Australia: To get here, you’ll have to drive for about three hours from Perth. You can pick it as your perfect camping site since its climate is favorable for camping all year round.
  • Kalbarri, Western Australia – When touring the west coast, it’s impossible to pass Kalbarri without exploring deeper. Kalbarri is perfect for other activities such as hikes due to its abundance of rocky features.
  1. Surfing

Surfing is one of the main activities that natives turn to for fun and thrill. Australia boasts multiple surfing destinations that every adventurous tourist must visit. They include:

  • Treachery camp: Every surfer dreams of mighty waves that make the surfing experience a lively one. Treachery camp grants this and more, including the fact that it’s isolated from the cities. Instead, there are small villages that surround it.
  • Crescent Head: The unique feature that makes it stand out from all the others is the presence of a rock formation shaped like a wedge.
  • Bells Beach: Creates the perfect platform for passionate surfers to showcase their talents as it has been around for a long time. Fair warning, though, Bells Beach is not the best choice for surfers at the beginner’s level.
  1. Explore The National Parks

Australia is rich in touristic attractions that are set to blow your mind. For instance, national parks such as Bago Bluff National Park, Abercrombie National Park, and Cascade National Park are their national heritage.

Adventure lies in the parks’ remotest sections, and you must be ready to go through the due processes involved. You might have to swim and sail, just to get a better glimpse of all of the National Parks and their eye-catching features.

  1. Whale Watching and Swimming

Australia is home to large water bodies that can take your breath away. The aquatic life has been the center of focus, especially the whales and dolphins. The Brisbane River provides a picturesque view that will probably make you a frequent tourist.

The more exciting bit of whale watching is their style of communication. They make certain sounds to each other and pass their messages across successfully.

  1. Take The Great Walk At Fraser Island

Trekking itself is an adventure on its own. Fraser Island is abundant in nature’s most attractive sites, including turquoise waters. The unlimited trekking expedition gives you a rare opportunity to learn so much and make your discoveries.

You can bring a group of friends along to make the walk more enjoyable. What’s more, you could set up camp, as you immerse yourself in the Island’s bewildering delights.

  1. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is the full definition of adventure at its best. It’s one of Australia’s most common and enjoyed sports because it triggers the adrenaline rush in the most remarkable ways.

You can access jump centers at Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Cairns. The privilege of setting yourself up for a jump is entirely up to you, especially if you have some level of experience.

Guides will be there to set the equipment up for you if you’d like to try out bungee jumping for the first time. 

  1. Scuba Diving

Water lovers are set to have a great time in the water as an adventurous activity. Scuba diving in Australia is a rare and elegant opportunity to explore aquatic life and what goes on underneath the water surface.

You’ll be treated to a wide variety of sea creatures as well as plants that you may not have come across before. The Great Barrier Reef is a significant platform for all water-related adventures. 


Final Thoughts

In the end, we could all use some positive energy, and what better way to do this than through adventure and thrill in Australia? Whether you plan to soar over white water rapids or the mesmerizing coastline, the list above has you covered.

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