Add Value to Your House with House Extensions

You are bound to think that working with Brisbane extension builders is a daunting task. When you have the right team and contractors, the task is less intimidating. The extension builder’s primary role is to lessen the burden you will feel when you plan to renovate your house. The expert team functions in tandem to ensure that you are comfortable and that the entire process is going as per the plan.

The Need for Extension

Most customers choose home extension because of the growing family members and the need to live comfortably. With the current house becoming a constraint in space, you will have two options to consider: sell and buy a new home or head with the extension plan.

The challenges are equal with both the choices. Ultimately, you must decide which is the right choice for your family. In most cases, people like to extend their houses. The benefits you receive are many with a house extension, which depends on the house’s age, location, area, and style. The significant aim is to ensure that the extension merges seamlessly with the original, making it appear as if it stood there all along.

Types of Extensions

  • Single Story: You can choose the single-story extension if you have space in the block. It is possible to extend using the current footprint without many modifications.
  • Second Story: Brisbane extension builders suggest this extension for families that like to maintain the current space on the house block and for houses with block sizes of 600m2.
  • Raise and Build: The raise and build under is an excellent choice for houses located in the older suburbs. Such a project requires a major renovation because of the aged construction and adds a lot of work scope. You will find this project suitable for hardwood homes, timber cladding with VJ boards, or asbestos as the inner linings.

The Home Extension Process

The process begins with the inquiry. You will be dropping a form online, letting your interest in the home extension project. The second phase involves on-site consultation, where the architect or a team of professionals visit the site for inspection.  They will further collect valuable information such as the proposal’s aim, design, vision, commencement and completion dates, and specifications.

In the third phase, which is the investigation and design, the Brisbane home extension builders will have complete information related to the project. Based on the soil test survey, quality, and specification, they put forward a fixed price for the proposal. You will learn about the terminology, understanding of the project, and documentation.

Once everything is in place, the builder prepares the document and will reflect everything that the team discussed. The paperwork completed in the pre-design phase adds value to the project. The contract agreement will have a schedule of finishing, drawings, the scope of work, and engineering. If everything is right, you can sign the agreement to start the work.

Only a few builders upload the contract document, which helps you track the work in progress. With everything ready, the team arrives at the preferred destination to commence the work. You will further have a sit-down meeting where you will learn about the steps the team would be carrying out as part of the construction.

The builder will complete the project as per the agreement while you enjoy a stress and hassle-free procedure to extend your house. You build a good relationship during the entire process, which takes about 18 months on average. You will also find reputed contractors offering a warranty on the structure with follow-up phone calls and scheduled meetings for a quality check.

The Cost

As every project is different, it would be tricky to estimate the cost of an extension. A better way to arrive at the price is consulting the builder, who would visit your home and consider your requirements.

Conclusion Selecting a reputable builder is essential for the plan and cost. The significant benefit to working with an established entity is the communication you receive. Depending on your requirements, you will receive quotes as well as the process of the work. You will further work closely with the draftsperson to bring life to your needs. You will be surprised to learn about what an extension can get into your home. Send in your inquiry and start consulting with the professionals.

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