Types of Packaging Materials
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What are the Different Types of Packaging Materials?

There are several types of packaging materials. Some are more environmentally friendly than others, and some are more durable than others. Cardboard, for example, is a common choice for shipping and retail packaging. It is also recyclable and can be colored or printed. It is less expensive than paper, and has the advantage of being […]


The Importance of Global Mobility

The global workforce is expanding, crossing international borders. With a digital, hybrid, or remote workforce, employees can (and want to) work from anywhere. But what does this mean for companies with employees relocating to different parts of the world? Organizations need to develop a global mobility strategy. It cannot be an afterthought or a temporary […]


The Importance of Global Mobility and the Changing Needs

Today the world is shrinking but it is more connected and international in every way possible. The landscape of the global workspace is forever expanding, stretching beyond international borders and digitized. Remote workforce and hybrid workplaces are a reality now more than ever. The importance of a global mobility group is playing a pivotal role […]