Does Estate Board Help You To Rent Your Home More Quickly?

Being an estate agent you’ll know that renting and selling properties is a highly competitive business. It is therefore essential to make the right impression.

Experts will help you stand out from the rest with our extensive range of property signs, such as T Boards and other graphics that provide your property with an edge.

Our hoardings and property boards are made to the highest standard with durable materials. The majority of the estate agents board and signs are constructed from Correx fluted polypropylene that is lightweight and economical.

But, we can also print on Foamex and an aluminum composite known as Dibond for various other property signs like new entrance signs to development as well as continuous site hoardings.

Whatever method of marketing you decide to rent out your home, it is good business sense to increase your marketing strategy by putting up a to-let signboard.

Inspiring Locals

The marketing of a property on all of the most popular UK Property websites is a popular method of advertising in today’s world of the internet. However, don’t overlook the foot traffic in your area who walk by your property and look at your property’s estate agent signs UK. It is an extremely efficient instrument.

Rental properties are in so much demand and if the locals within your neighbourhood can view the property you have put up for lease, you’re much more likely to receive more interest.

A Combination Of Ads And A Well-Placed To-Let Boards Can Boost Your Marketing Dramatically.

If you consider that prior to the advent of the internet and of for sale boards for estate agents relied on advertisements in windows and to-let signs, which were extremely successful It makes sense to utilise this simple but extremely effective tool to optimise your advertising campaign.

What Is The Ideal Way For My To-Let-Board To Appear Like?

The most important factor with regards to the to-let boards is that it’s concise, clear and simple to comprehend. If it’s too full of details, it can distract the primary message of the board: let your property out.

The board isn’t required to mention anything about the house in question or if it is benefited by an updated kitchen or a whirlpool bath, or a garden that is the dimension of a soccer field.

All of these are information about the property, which prospective tenants will see on their own when they go to inspect it , or have a closer look on the internet.

The sign should be striking and prominent enough to be noticed and draw the attention of passing motorists, but it must include the words “to-let,” the contact number of the person who will be calling and the address of a website. This is usually the address of the letting agent you’re employing.

How Can I Show My To-Let Boards?

There are some guidelines to follow when setting up a board for renting. In most cases the planning permission won’t be needed.

When ordering a to-let board from, we ensure that the boards conform to the required measurements.

If the property you want to lease out is intended for residential use , then you could choose to have one board or two boards that are joined in a ‘V’ shape.

If you decide to go with one to-let board, it shouldn’t be more than 0.5 square metres. A V-shaped board shouldn’t be greater than 0.6 Square metres.

If the property you own is to let for agricultural or commercial purposes and you are planning to let it out for commercial or agricultural purposes, then the single to- board shouldn’t exceed 2 square metres and the double “V” shaped board must not be larger than 2.3 square metres.

Also, you must ensure that the light does not extend over a metre from the exterior wall and shouldn’t be by any means.

The Top Of The Advertisement Should Not Be Higher Than 4.6 Metres Above The Ground.

Within Areas of Special Control, the top part of the advertisement must not exceed 3.6 metres above the ground.

Once a tenant is confirm and the lease is agree upon the to-let sign must be remove within 14 days.

Maintenance Of The Board

Ensure that the To-Let Board is maintain in a clean and tidy manner. It’s not worth having a to-let display board to promote an apartment rental if it’s filthy that it’s impossible to.

ensuring that the to-let sign is in good working order and is attach to the property in a secure manner. The last thing that a landlord wants is to be responsible for any injuries or accidents that result from a badly construct or unintentionally erect to- sign.

The landlords should also make sure that they are allow to display the sign if they are unable to display it due to any reason. the board is not being display on their property. For instance, if a landlord wants to put up an erecting on highway land it must get the approval of the Highway Authority.

In addition, the board should not block or obscure any other official signs like railroad, road, or signs for waterways.

The Different Types Of Estate Agents That Sign

Do You Know The Flags Of Your Ts?

In the past, we’ve printed hundreds of signs for properties – to sell sold, to lease or let – and in the majority of cases, they’ve been flags or Boards.

Flag Boards

The ones that have the to the sides are adaptable and more economical. They require less space and can be attach directly to the house if they require e.g. terrace homes. If you’re marketing various houses, you may want think about having flag boards.

T Boards

They are the ones that have the post running down the middle, hence the ‘T” in appearance. The correx sign on the front and back of the post have to be weld and T boards will cost higher. But the benefit is that the signs really make an impression.

If you’re marketing luxury detached or semi detached homes, they could be that are right for you. Of course, you could you could combine the two , as many of our clients have done.

A Guide For The Use Of “To Let And ‘For Sale Boards’ For Agents.

In light of recent concerns about the display of ‘To let Boards’, we’ve take the decision to write an article that is specifically focus about displays of the ‘To let and For Sale boards. It is clear that these issues are creating anxiety for agents across the nation.

So we’ve prepare a document on every council in the UK and also the limitations regarding how to use ‘To let or ‘For Sale’ boards. A few of these limitations are list below for property professionals to follow.

Leeds City Council

An update version of the estate agent sign boards is being develop from January 2013. It is a set of rules that outline the exact locations where letting boards are allow to be place on residential properties.

Letting Board Code Letting Board Code

To summarise the ‘Letting board Code’ in Leeds City Council, Leeds City Council they state:

  1. Only one “To Let” board per building is allow.
  2. Each board must conform to the following design: 34cm x48cm or 48cmx34cm shell scheme graphics.

3.) The estate agency boards must be on the wall in a straight line above/around the front door. Or, if it is not feasible the board shall be erect directly to the wall at the street elevation. In any case any part of the board shall be greater than the first-floor window sill.

  1. The board should be white and have black text. The maximum of 20 percent of the board could be cover by the logo (which could be colour).
  2. A 6 sheet poster printing is permit per street, per agent or landlord. However, if a tenant stipulates on the board how many bedrooms within the property being advertise, one board will be allow for each type of property up to a maximum 3 per block.

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