Factors to consider before building House Extensions

A home extension can be done for a variety of reasons. For example, growing families require more space. You should include play area for the kids. You may wish to extend your home with an office, a study space, or a gym. Whatever the situation, adding on to a home is an intelligent decision that if done right may increase its value. You need to know and comprehend many more crucial things before you get carried away with the project’s excitement and begin selecting new kitchens or furniture. Here mentioned are the factors to consider before extending your home:

Perfect planning:

Any unapproved addition must incorporate the same building materials as the existing structure. You must take building laws into account in addition to obtaining planning clearance. Building regulations must be followed, and a comprehensive plan submission or a building notice must be provided, even without planning approval.

Hire an architect:

The architect will help you to increase the size of your project. Hiring an architect for house extension Brisbane will result in a superior extension plan, so be sure you thoroughly inform them. An architect will help to achieve your vision if you describe everything you are considering, both for the actual space and intangible factors like how you want the extension to feel.

The architect plays an excellent role in communicating with contractors about the technical details of the task. They can use their experience to inform you if something in the building work is getting out of hand.


Sometimes the budget may become a severe problem for the builders. Still, the goal of creating a reasonable budget is to prevent design time wastage and ensure that the final design is something you can afford and truly deliver. An experienced architect for home extensions Brisbane will always work to keep projects within budget and offer the most value if they know you are spending within limits from the beginning.

Time limit:

An intelligent architect frequently anticipates planning and construction code concerns and may take appropriate action when they occur. Plan when you want to start the job on site. For obvious reasons, most choose to begin their tasks in the spring or summer.

Remember this and give yourself enough time to plan, obtain your rights, submit a tender, and schedule the builder. The length of the construction process after the project begins on site depends on the project’s size, whether it must be completed in phases and its complexity.

Get multiple quotes:

Comparing prices from different vendor will benefits more than just locating the lowest cost. It is an opportunity to observe how builders operate and think, assess their dependability, and learn what materials they will use on your house extension.

The builders will be in your house for an extended period, so you need to have confidence and get along with them. Finding the best deal is essential, but only save a little money if your builders are reliable or understand the addition you have in mind.


You might already live in a lovely property and have no plans to relocate. If you already live there and you need extra space for comfortable, extending might be necessary to build your ideal home. If that is the case, the project will focus considerably more on maximizing the value of your home’s everyday experience, often necessitating a better-quality building.

If the project’s goal is to increase the property value, it would be worthwhile to speak with an estate agent to determine the potential value of your home. There will unavoidably be a glass ceiling in the vicinity, as well as concerning the location and plot of your property.


Condensation, single-glazed windows, inadequate ventilation, and a lack of loft insulation in your current home may be contributing to some of its thermal problems. This could be the perfect opportunity to upgrade your home’s sustainability while making long-term financial savings.

Bottom line:

The above mentioned essential criteria give you an excellent foundation for creating your architect’s brief. This will save time overall and enable you to be clear about your objectives from the outset. It will also enhance your responsibility for producing the required end product. You should be careful in renovating your house.

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