How Renewable Energy Is Redefining HVAC

Air conditioning system in the server room and office remains a necessity in London due to the rising temperature in summer. It requires a steady supply of energy to keep your office space cool and comfortable for the employees to work. But the majority of traditional air conditioning units in offices run with the help of fossil fuels, which impact the environment and global warming. This is why the demand for renewable air conditioning units is increasing day by day. Today we will find out how renewable sources of energy are redefining the HVAC system.

Renewable Air Conditioning System – The Ultimate Future Of The HVAC Industry

The HVAC industry is visualizing the constant transformation in recent days. With the introduction of new technology and renewable sources of energy to function office air conditioning systems, the operational budget is not getting hampered. How?

When you upgrade your system with renewable energy, you can improve the efficiency of the system. Thus, you can reduce the stress on the clean power grids. 

There are more benefits of a renewable air conditioning system in the office. Let’s uncover all of them.

Benefits Of Renewable HVAC System

Reduction In The Excretion Of Fossil Emissions

As renewable energy is redefining the air conditioning unit in the Server Room Air Conditioning and other spaces of your office, the emission of greenhouse gasses will be reduced. Unlike traditional air cons, it doesn’t require any fossil fuels to keep your office space cool. Hence, there will be zero emissions from the new system. Thus, you can restrict global warming and depletion of ozone, which are the two main reasons for increasing the heat temperature in summer in London. No need to mention that a renewable air conditioning unit is the boon to reduce emissions in the environment. Also, you can save money as electricity and fossil fuel are costlier than renewable energy.

No Need Of Refrigerant

Yes, you read that right. You will not require refrigerant in the advanced air conditioning unit after installation in your office in London. Then how will it keep space cool without coolant? The answer is quite simple. Puron is the alternative to refrigerant used in renewable air conditioning units. Moreover, it is eco-friendly in nature, so it doesn’t damage the ozone layer. 

Improve Air Quality

Poor air quality worsens the breathing problems like asthma, bronchitis, etc. However, this is not a case to worry about in the new air conditioning installation. As the system runs without fossil fuels and refrigerants, there is no chance of degradation of air quality. The air inside the office remains clean. So, the employees breathe clean and fresh air. Hence, the poor quality which is a pressing issue in recent times is solved with the technology advancement in the HVAC industry.

Autonomous Thermostat

Eco-friendly air con system has an autonomous thermostat. The devices can read the weather predictions in London, and it adjusts the temperature accordingly. It also turns your AC on and off automatically to maintain the temperature you’ve pre-set. Thus there will be no energy loss. 

Different Types Of Renewable Air Conditioning System Redefining The Future Of The HVAC System

Solar Air Conditioning Unit

This system functions by capturing the energy from sunlight. Photovoltaic cells absorb the ultraviolet rays of the Sun and convert them into electricity through solar panels. The energy generated in this way is captured in batteries, which helps the air con system to run smoothly. They can even sell the unused energy to the grid, saving a lot of money in the long run.

Geothermal Air Conditioning System

A geothermal Air con system can utilize this consistent temperature to exchange energy between the Earth and your office to provide cooling and heating. This renewable resource of energy can help to safeguard your health and the environment. There are four types of geothermal system, namely horizontal loops, vertical loops, open loops, and lake loops. 

Hydronic Heating System

In hydronic Heating systems, boilers heat liquids with the help of solar energy and geothermal energy. However, most boilers heat water. But some systems warm alternative liquids like antifreeze. The liquid is pumped through a tube into a radiator. The heat is transferred in different ways, namely conduction, convention, and radiation. 

Biomass HVAC System

You can now use biomass to cool or heat your home. Yes, you read it right. Thanks to a new air con system that runs with biomass. In this system, biomass that is plant and human waste generate energy instead of fossil to let HVAC systems function. It creates clean, renewable energy. 

Air Conditioning System With Ice Bearing Battery

You can use ice to keep your office cool. This unit makes ice when not in use and later uses it to keep server rooms, cabinets, cafeteria, and other office spaces cool in summer. You can save on utility bills with this technology.

Final Thoughts

Renewable technologies are redefining the HVAC industry to keep your office cool. It offers multiple environmental and health benefits as you read above. Also, it increases the efficiency of the HVAC system, thereby saving operational cost of the company. Shift to new technologies and upgrade the air conditioning system in your office to enjoy multiple benefits.