Ways to Differentiate Your Brand from Your Competitors

By Marisa Hochberg : https://twitter.com/marisahochberg

As with everything else, there are ways to make your brand stand out from your competitors. By understanding the different ways your competitors can make their mark on the market, you’ll be able to create a unique brand identity that distinguishes you from your competition. In this blog post, you’ll learn about five ways your competitors can differentiate their brands so that yours is the only one they think of when they hear “GEICO” or “Quinn’s.”

Be the first.

Many people are hesitant to make the first move in a new market because they’re afraid of being outpaced by the competition. But what if you didn’t have to compete with all of the other car insurance providers in your area? What if you could become the first? In some cases, that’s exactly what you want to do. If you want to be the first in a new market, you can be sure that no one will be able to compete with you. The only way around this is to be the first with a new product or service. So, if you want to be the first in your town, state, or country, be the first to implement a new idea, product, or service. Not only will your customers be excited about your new offering, but you’ll be the first one to market with it, too!

Become more useful.

One of the most important ways to differentiate your brand from your competitors is to become more useful. By focusing on what your customers need, and then delivering it in a useful way, you can show them that you care about their needs more than anyone else’s. In the car insurance market, you can be sure that there are a lot of questions and concerns among your customers. By looking at how other providers handle these common issues, such as price increases, delays, and coverage exclusions, you can avoid the same mistakes your competitors are making. By focusing your efforts on becoming more useful, you’ll stand out from the competition, and your customers will have even more reasons to choose you over the other providers in their area.

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Have a distinctive voice.

Just like how your brand can set you apart from your competitors, your voice can do the same for your brand. By identifying what kind of brand voice you have, and then following that voice around the world, you’ll be well on your way to creating a unique brand identity for your company. If other companies try to copy your voice or your brand or even use your voice in a different context, you can be sure that your customers will notice. A lot of companies try to copy the “safety” or “compassion” voice that car insurance providers use, but these are negative qualities and can be harmful to your brand’s image. By choosing a voice that your customers will recognize as their own, and then following that voice around the world, you can make your brand feel more real, and less like another insurance company.

Have great customer service.

When your competitors are the ones providing great customer service, it can be easy to forget about the little things that make a difference. But when it comes to customer service, few things can top the mark of “best.” By following the golden rule, which holds that you’re supposed to “do better than you’re supposed to,” and then “is better than you’re supposed to,” you’ll be able to create a culture within your company that prioritizes customer service. Other companies may try to top this mark by providing the best service in the world, but if your competitors are doing it, you’ll know it and your customers will, too!

Great photography and videos.

If your competitors are the ones using stock photos and videos to create their brands, you can be sure that your brand’s identity will be left in the dust when it comes to photography and videos. By choosing only the best stock photos and videos for your business, and then following those images and videos around the world, you can be sure that your company’s logo, signage, and descriptions will be everything your customers need to see to know who you are. This will give your brand an authentic, visual identity that your customers will be able to recognize from a mile away. And compared to the other things your competitors might do to distinguish themselves, these are very low-key ways to distinguish your brand.


The best way to differentiate yourself from your competitors is to know what other companies are doing, and then do better than them in some areas, while still maintaining your own identity. With these ways to differentiate your brand, you’ll be able to create a unique brand identity that will set you apart from your competitors. The more specific your ways to differentiate, the better; so if you can’t decide on just one way to differentiate your brand, try adding as many ways as possible! How can you differentiate your brand in today’s competitive environment? Let us know in the comments below!

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