What Type Of Window Is Safest For My Home?

Windows are not only for ventilation and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your house; there are multiple applications of windows. There are numerous window types available in the market, some are for security, and some are perfect for ventilation.

What types of windows do you prefer for your house? Do you like ventilation and design over safety? Whatever kind of window you choose, safety should be your priority. When it comes to the safest windows, domestic glazing will come to your mind. However, they are super expensive, and they don’t match every house design.

Hence, today we’ll reveal the safest window types, and you select the best one for your house.

Glass Casement Windows

In terms of looks, casement windows are identical to awning windows. The functioning of both the windows types is similar, with a couple of minor differences. However, when it comes to safety, casement windows are recommended by the builders. This window type has large glass sheets suitable for verandas and the kitchen.

Glass casement windows are the finest window types that provide better ventilation and higher safety standards. One of the key features of this window type is they are even available with safety alerts. The design and structure of casement windows look very outdated. But, glass casement windows are cost-effective and readily available.

Single-Hung And Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung and single-hung windows are mostly used in government offices and commercial buildings. This window type is identical to domestic glazing; however, characteristics or features are different. Double-hung windows don’t feature portable sashes. On the other hand, you’ll find multiple sashes at the sides in the single-hung windows.

The single hung windows are also recommended for smooth airflow and protection. As both single-hung and double-hung windows have a lower opening, the airflow smoothly. However, double-hung windows are superior in terms of security to other window types. Furthermore, you don’t require an escalator or seek professional assistance for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Jalousie Windows

If you are someone who prefers style and design over safety, you’ll hate Jalousie windows. Jalousie windows are the cheapest window type and suitable for tropical weather conditions. The best part is this window type also saves energy, and you don’t need air conditioning round the clock.

Jalousie windows consist of metal clips and glass slats set. When it comes to protection, nothing can beat the safety standards of Jalousie windows. This window type is usually narrow in shape and easy to install. You’ll find these window types mostly in the Eastern countries. If you live in a tropical area, the Jalousie window type is your best bet!

These were the safest window types available in the market. If you ask our opinion, single-hung and double-hung is the best window type of this list. However, you need to select the best window type depending on the climate conditions, budget, and personal needs.

Select the best window type and add charm to your sweet home!

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