All about Cough Problems and Its Medicines

Cough syrup medicines are used to treat cough, stuffy nose due to the common cold and chest congestion, or other breathing problems (e.g., bronchitis, sinusitis) also arise. Cough syrup medicines that you purchase are often divided into a chesty cough and a dry cough. 

Dosage is given according to the age, problem, or type of cough they have. According to the doctors, children who are below six-year must be given simple cough syrup such as glycerine, lemon, and honey.

What is cough?

A cough is also called Tussis. It is an involuntary or involuntary action that clears the breathing passage and throat of foreign particles like dust particles, fluid, mucus, irritants. Though it can be annoying, it also helps your body to heal and protect itself. Cough can be either chronic or acute.

Know more about acute cough:

Acute cough begins suddenly and lasts for three weeks. This type of cough one most often experience with flu, cold, etc.

There are five acute cough types.

  • Chesty cough

A cough that forms in the chest often forms mucus. This type of cough is sometimes referred to as productive cough. If the person has irritation from the cough, doctors can recommend medication containing guaifenesin which will help to lose the mucus for easier coughing.

  • Dry cough

This type of cough happens when mucus doesn’t produce patient may feel throat irritation. 

  • Bronchitis

This type of cough is accompanied by cold-like symptoms such as headache, stuffy nose. It produces yellow grey phlegm.

  • Post viral cough

It is a common cough that follows an upper respiratory trap due to throat inflammation. 

  • Whooping cough

It is an infection of the past that has made a comeback (according to WHO). Initially, it presents with mild cold-like symptoms that change to severe coughing for few weeks.

Let us know more about Chronic cough.

Another type of cough is a chronic cough that lasts longer than eight weeks. They are active in the night-time when you are in sleeping mode. It can have also different kind of symptoms including:-

  • Cough with runny nose. 
  • Cough when a person is exposed to chemicals or irritants in the environment.
  • Hoarseness.
  • Heart burn with a sour taste. 

How cough is diagnosed?

To diagnose the cough, the doctor will take your medical history and will ask about the nature of your cough. Is it dry or is it in a runny form? If your cough having other symptoms, such as fever, headache, congestion, coughing blood, drowsiness, then it will require further more tests. Your doctor can suggest your chest x-ray, CT scan, or a methacholine test. 

You can help your doctor to get a proper diagnose. You can prepare the following information in advance.

1-When did your cough start.

2-Do you have any allergies?

3-What other medical illnesses do you have?

4-Did you smoke?

5-Do you take drugs? 

There are some homes remedies as alternative of cough syrup medicine that can cure cough are as follow –


According to one study, it is a remedy to get rid of the sour throat. You can treat it by mixing 2 tbsp. of honey with warm water and lemon. It gives you a soothing effect, while the lemon juice will help you to treat congestion.


Peppermints have a very beneficial property the presence of menthol in these leaves soothes the throat and helps to break down the mucus.

Salt and water gargle

This home remedy is very simple, safe, with no cost. It is the best remedy used by the ancient people. It treats sour throat and infections. It also helps to treat allergies.

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