How to build app like InstaCart for your grocery delivery business?

The InstaCart is one of the most popular on demand grocery delivery businesses in the world today. As more and more people have started becoming dependent on their smart phones, app development companies have begun to utilize the features of the apps to make sure that they can provide app based solutions to cater to all the needs of the users. This is why; after the staggered success of InstaCart app, many on demand mobile app development companies have built their own InstaCart Cloned Apps.

What is an InstaCart Clone App?

We have already established what the InstaCart clone app is. The InstaCart app is an on demand grocery shopping platform that can be used through a user’s smart phone. Now, in order to build the clone of this app, a team of developers sits to unlock the app’s code strings and to study it thoroughly.

This is a very tedious and long process because it requires experts to go through all the fine points and details of the application and its functionality. Once the development team has broken down the entire app, they then try to replicate it by ensuring that they can retain the best features of the existing apps and the flow of the app, while adding a bunch of new and market relevant features within it.

The app development team comprises of android developers, iOS experts, PHP developers, Content Writers, App Designers, Web Designers, Quality Analysis team, Business Analysis Team, and so on and so forth.

Te entire team relies on the research teams input to build a brand new app for your business. Please note that the process of building a cloned app is not something that is restricted to copy pasting activity. It is a long, detailed, laborious and clear process.

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Building your own On demand InstaCart Clone App

As we’ve discussed above already, the process of building an on demand InstaCart Clone app is a long and arduous one. But it is not just that. It is also a very expensive process. With time, you have to continue to pay your resources. You have already read the list of all the people who need to be part of your team to build this app. For the entire duration of the process of building the app, you have to be able to pay their salaries.

Apart from the expenditure of the salaries, you will also have to invest in the real estate of the development center. In your development center, you will also have to invest towards the state of the art infrastructure. Then there is the expense of the technology stack that you will need to build the app.

This is why; there is a better alternative to all this rigmarole. The best way to go ahead with it is to make sure that you purchase a ready made on demand InstaCart Clone app built by a white label on demand mobile app development company.

There are many on demand mobile app development companies in the world that are building their own versions of the InstaCart Clone app. All you need to do is to Google the best on demand InstaCart Clone app and you will find a list of the companies that are building these apps.

Then you must go through the website of the development company and get a feel of the experience and the expertise of the company. The best way to determine the quality of an app is to take a live demo of it.

Ideally, any company worth its salt will have no hesitation to make sure that you can take an unlimited duration of the demo of the app. With the demo account set up, you should be able to make sure that you download the app in multiple devices both Android and iOS app.

Also, make sure that you take a look at the app from the user’s perspective, the delivery driver’s perspective as well as the grocery store’s perspective to cop up a feel of the entire app in the most holistic way.

Another thing to look for in the white label on demand mobile app Development Company is that they have at least 7 to 8 years of experience in this domain. This experience will definitely help in ensuring that they can create a fine app for you. Apart from this, also make sure that the development company has at least 1000 live apps launched in the market.

Apart from this, taking a deep dive in the testimonials of the previous users will also have a huge impact in your understanding of the company’s expertise. This means that you will have to make sure that you hear what other clients have to say about their individual experience in working with the team.

You want to make sure that after you have made the purchase, the team doesn’t leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. The team should be such that it stands with you at every step of development and launch.

Launching an app is just as difficult as building it. The Google Play Store and the iOS app store have very strict policies regarding launching the apps. The app development company that is building your on demand InstaCart Clone app takes full responsibility of launching the app for you. They should make sure that the app does not get rejected from the app stores owing to any technical reason.

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