Sports Clothing Made From Bamboo

Tasc performance Apparel has formulated an excellent way of utilizing the incredible qualities of bamboo to create sportswear. They have taken the concerns of their customers over the many years and have used this knowledge to good use. The engineers and scientists that have dedicated their time over two years to make this venture reality; bamboo has not disappointed. The various plusses gained from taking this route has given tasc the leverage they sought in the athletic fraternity.

We at tasc Performance Apparel have always listened to our many valued customers and have shared the many concerns that they had. Their medical problems form the wearing of synthetic fiber clothing and shortcomings that came with that product, so, this is why we went far afield to find something that was natural, similar to cotton, and had the many qualities that cotton has. Bamboo was the material we found, and we are proud of the product we are able to manufacture for our customers.

We discovered that bamboo is more breathable, softer, wears better in any climatic conditions, eliminates odor from excessive perspiration, contours beautifully to the wearer’s body for additional comfort, is so lightweight the wearer has no problem with a performance from too heavier a garment, and they are able to wear this garment all day even after a long workout schedule. Tasc performance Apparel has blended these incredible fibers with cotton to enhance their product, so the customer gets twice the amount of everything that the clothing has to offer. Many designer wares are available for ladies in clothing boutique los gatos visit Viva O Sol.

We at tasc performance Apparel are committed to the 100% comfort of our clients. The production of our bamboo clothing is testimony to this. The garments are made specifically for athletes, and they are endorsed by them. The organization of cross country racing champions Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing team has endorsed the tasc product at their 2012 championship as the only sportswear they are willing to wear. The quality and performance we have claimed our product is able to deliver have done this. Who can expect anything more from their product than to have such confidence publicly stated? This group performs under rigorous and rugged conditions when they do white water rafting, river boarding, mountain biking, and trekking across miles of dangerous forestry.

Our products have launched us at tasc Performance Apparel into the era of longevity, because of its wholesomeness; production process is environmentally friendly, the product is bio-degradable, and most of all the source of bamboo is naturally replenished, this means the plant grows without help from man and is organically protected by its natural insecticide called bamboo kun; which the plant produces.

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