What is a good and substantial reason to carry a handgun in Maryland?

Carrying a handgun is a requirement for many people, and the requirement is personal security. With the rising cases of burglary and murders, the security of the citizens has become a matter of concern. If you open the newspaper, you shall come across plenty of articles that state about major security problems. Due to all such reasons, self-defense has become an important thing for many people. Hence, people like to carry handguns. However, carrying a handgun is not an easy thing. You need to acquire a license for carrying the handguns. For attaining the license, you need to show substantial reasons.

Concealed Carry in Maryland

Different states in the USA have different policies for concealed carry permits . Procedure for attaining the license for the handguns is also difficult. In the state of Maryland, the process is somewhat simple. In 2019, the Maryland State Police had issued a clarification that business owners are permitted for concealed carry in the state of Maryland. However, a business owner has to apply for the process of attaining the permit. When you apply to attain the permit, you shall be asked a few questions. At the same time, there will be a background check of the applicant.

If you have a criminal record in past, you would not be allowed to attain the permit for concealed carry in the state of Maryland. The business owners need to undergo 16 hours firearm training before getting the approval for concealed carry by the Maryland police department. Now, the question is about the non-business persons. Can they also get the concealed carry permit in Maryland? What are the steps to get approval for concealed carry by the non-business persons in Maryland? The answer is that non-business persons can still get permission for concealed carry. However, they have to show substantial reasons for the concealed carry.

Substantial Reasons for Concealed Carry in Maryland

As stated, non-business persons can also get concealed carry permits in Maryland. But, they have to show a substantial reason for concealed carry. Now, what could be the substantial reasons? The officers in the police department will judge the substance behind reasons shown by the applicants for concealed carry. The reason you show for concealed carry should be convincing for the police officials. Some of the good substantial reasons can be listed below. You can check the list in the following section.

Examples of Substantial Reasons for Concealed Carry

Some of the prominent examples of substantial reasons for concealed carry have been discussed in the following section of this article.

  • Property owners can apply for the permission for concealed carry. Property owners have to collect cash from tenants and deposit the money to the bank. For security of their money, they need permission for concealed carry.
  • A business owner or retail shop owner who deals with a high amount of cash daily or frequently can also apply for the permission for concealed carry.
  • If you have received a threat call or letter from a known or unknown source, you can also apply for the concealed carry license. Such person needs to carry a handgun for the personal safety. Make sure that the threat to your life has been documented in the police report.
  • A military person assigned in a special operation in the state of Maryland can also get permission for concealed carry easily.
  • A doctor, who suspects life threat or security breach, can also obtain permission for the concealed carry.

Despite being qualified in the category of people as mentioned above, many people find that their application for concealed carry has been rejected. It happens because they cannot show substantial reasons. The reason you show for concealed carry should be substantial and truthful. If you try to exaggerate facts, your application for concealed carry would not be accepted.

Background Check for Concealed Carry Permit

For concealed carry, background checking is an essential process. When you apply for a concealed carry permit at the police department of Maryland, the police department shall investigate your criminal records. If you have had major criminal cases or unresolved allegations against you, the authority shall turn down your concealed carry permit for security reasons. So, keeping this thing in mind is also important, when you apply for a permit for the concealed carry.

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