What are Administered Dedicated Servers?

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A managed dedicated server is a server that is equipped with all the necessary additional services designed to ensure that the site works more successfully and efficiently. The need for such a server arises when the traffic of the Internet project being implemented, as well as the number of processor loads and disk operations, begins to grow rapidly. Purchasing the necessary hardware, upgrading regularly, and setting up the right software is not an easy task, nor is it financially cheap.

Your best bet is to rent a server from a dedicated hosting company that will perform a resource-intensive management process. The base package contains – the implementation of monitoring services, firewalls, content backup, and network security protocols.

Service providers that specialize in renting dedicated servers often also offer managed-to-host services, which can be offered on a time-based or by tariff plan basis. In the first case, the client gets – freedom of choice. In the second option, the client saves power and money because the cost of the service is included differently in the package price.

Such service providers require timely, qualified technical support, a diverse range of server configurations, stable connections to alternate channels, and high-speed Internet. When choosing a hosting provider, you need to familiarize yourself with where your servers are located (the reliability of your data center plays a big role), check how responsive your machines are, be clear about traffic limits and where your content is placed if all this information was not previously available in Published on the company’s corporate website, serious suppliers will not keep this confidential and will provide information on demand.

Managed Dedicated Servers are an excellent solution for large sites, the creation of which is the initial stage of the implementation of large Internet projects. This solution allows you to significantly save money and time on server maintenance and management. By specifying the necessary settings and paying for the service, you will stop wasting time on the technical aspects of your project.

Dedicated server hosting providers have excellent results with a minimal overhead mechanism that excludes the labor cost of its own highly skilled workforce, as well as hardware and software costs over the life of the project.

When should I order a dedicated server?

Once a site is created, it grows and develops in terms of the number of pages (which means more disk space is needed) and traffic (which affects the load on the processor in the first place). If due to this development, paid web hosting resources are no longer sufficient, our experts inform the client of this and advise him on which service (VDS or dedicated server) he should order for the best project operation. However, it is not necessary to wait until the number of requests to the site script exceeds the allowed limit. Renting a dedicated server offers administrators many benefits.

So, how to understand that it’s time to place your resource on a separate server?

The simplest answer is the following: If your website brings you enough money to pay for the lease of a dedicated server, it’s worth ordering the right configuration for yourself and moving the resources to a separate machine. So you will protect yourself from other web hosting accounts, yourself or with the help of us “for yourself” to set up the server and you will ensure the security of the data hosted on the server (i.e. your web resources) Not hacked or attacked by DDOS from other user card sites hosted on the same IP).

As for the technical indicators of the work, the performance of the site is monitored during peak load periods. If you see the site “slow down” at least occasionally – you shouldn’t wait for further failures.

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