The Best Web Hosting Services company in 2022

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What hosting options need to be aware of?

When considering which hosting is better for your website, we strongly recommend that you not only research the TOP-10 out-of-the-box but also analyze your preferred options with some additional criteria. In our rating of hosts, you can see all the hosts at a glance.

Among the main parameters that the website hosting company has, it is recommended that you pay attention to the following points when choosing:

Age: Managed ratings primarily include the best and long-running companies that inspire confidence and have a well-deserved reputation.

Uptime: The level of equipment uptime, which can be seen on famous internet portals in the global network, will tell you how reliable a particular site is hosted in practice.

Language: There are many companies operating in Russia, but many more outside Russia, so sometimes you have to work with foreign suppliers if language barriers are not a barrier. Such presenters outperform their domestic counterparts in certain aspects of their work. In return, however, many users had to sacrifice the convenience of using personal accounts and communicating with employees.

However, in order to get the best results from working with the selected project, it is advisable to apply some of the individual criteria mentioned above.

Free hosting – the miser pays twice!

Choosing the best hosting for a website by rating it for novice webmasters, internet resource owners, and administrators, WordPress or Bitrix is ​​often a big problem. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of choosing the fastest, most powerful, and truly reliable project.

Here are some reasons why you should choose the companies included in our top hosting providers and not focus on hosting providers that offer their services for free:

Advertising: Free hosters still have to somehow keep their project running and still earn money, so they fill the connected client sites with intrusive advertising.

Feature: Those who are planning to host their website on free hosting should be prepared as they will have access to reduced, limited functionality.

Speed: If you want fast hosting, confidently choose the best option for yourself from our TOP 10, but don’t expect good speeds by connecting your website to a free service.
Other disadvantages that any free hosting can offer include lack of clear technical support, low uptime, lack or insufficient level of protection, etc.


Managed Ratings is a one-stop resource for choosing one of the options for you to review. However, researching the top hosts is sometimes not enough to finally decide which option to choose.

Price: For many users, especially those who choose the best hosting plan for the first time, the price issue is often difficult to decide. If the price is scary or confusing, despite the quality and benefits of the service, we recommend starting with a lower, affordable price to test the service.

Complexity: Beginners are always having a hard time getting started, launching, setting up the whole process, so while we do our own review of hosting providers, we recommend looking for a provider with a good support service and knowledge base that will help you get started.

Affiliate Programs: Some of the best hosting companies in our TOP 10 offer their clients the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of an affiliate program. Those with good connections, a customer base, and other opportunities to connect new partners to the service can not only pay for hosting services at the expense of partner incentives but even earn money.

Therefore, it can be difficult to choose the really best web hosting company for everyone. But using the information, criteria, and advice we provide, you can always simplify your choice significantly, saving time and money.

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