How to Choose Best Web Hosting Deals

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Hosting services have always been most needed to host Internet sites in the provider’s data center.

Later, temporary virtualization technology quickly attracted the attention of hosting service providers because it proved to be a very suitable tool that could make most of the physical resources available at the time.

When starting a new project, choosing hosting for your website is an important step. Any resource needs a solid foundation to enable it to operate smoothly. Not knowing the key criteria when choosing a host usually leads to problems and the solution is deadlocked.

Based on the experience of leading hosting providers, find the answer through simple prompts.

Choose the right kind of hosting

If we make an analogy with the human world, we can compare different types of web hosting deals with housing types. Each of them was built to meet the daily needs of the “residents”.

Hosting types

Shared hosting (web hosting/shared hosting) is like an apartment in an apartment building. This is a relatively inexpensive option with the necessary facilities. Suitable for sites with medium traffic flow. The main disadvantage is that web hosting resources must be distributed among all the “residents” of the house.

Virtual Server (VPS  / VDS ) – an apartment in a townhouse. The owner of this “house” is almost unlimited in resource use and productivity. The independence provided by virtual servers requires more consideration. Choose a tariff plan carefully according to your needs. All operations-from setting up the server to installing new programs-must be done independently or paid extra to the hosting party.

Dedicated server-private residence. Expensive, but spacious and comfortable. Our own server allows you to customize the equipment individually and get the best performance. Complete freedom is possible only when equal responsibility is assumed. You will have to monitor performance and safety and eliminate failures yourself.

Cloud servers are the high-tech home of the future. This type of hosting usually relies on large cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. The main advantage of cloud hosting is instant expansion. Resources are added in real time, you only need to pay extra.

Some experts distinguish the placement of hosting equipment on provider sites (hosting) as separate types. However, it is safe to call this method only a subspecies of dedicated servers.

Which hosting method to choose for the website? The answer always depends on your needs, goals, expected traffic, resources, etc. First, you need to understand the main types and differences of hosts.

How to choose a hosting provider and type of hosting?

If there is no difference between using the provider’s resources in your daily work and your own resources, then hosting is good. In other words, the host itself should not be “obvious” during operation.

When choosing a hosting service provider, there are many factors to keep in mind:

1. After deciding on the requirements for technical resources, you not only need to evaluate the provider’s current ability to provide these resources, but also need to expand the scope of resources as the demand increases.

2. The provider must provide you with an acceptable data plan and necessary additional agreements.

3. When working with hosting service providers, 24/7 technical support model and truly continuous communication with operators are important points.

4. Providers who provide the ability to back up and restore data in a disaster situation will ensure that you run the project most reliably.

5. These parameters are the most important when implementing large-scale solutions and large-scale web portals.

Which type of host is best for you-the problem is usually solved by the wording of the tasks of the individual and his provider, and information about how he solves these problems is obtained from the provider. However, in order to have a clearer understanding of the correspondence between the main types of hosts and your needs, let us make an analogy between the host and the swimming pool.

Imagine choosing a hosting provider is similar to choosing a swimming pool for your workout. When you order a free web hosting service, you will get something similar to a city beach-many people are reading advertising brochures and will be invited to buy shawarma, and you are likely to hurt your feet with your nails on a poorly clean beach.

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